New beginnings…

Ahhh my morning cuppa tea. Piping hot freshly brewed tea has been served. Just the way I like it. Less milk, full of flavor. I take the morning newspaper, settle in my cozy comfort spot with one leg tucked under, get ready to devour my tea, read some snippets and just enjoy my me-time…when…

Kri, the younger of my twin boys comes crawling, screaming “Amma amma amma” (Amma is mother in our South Indian lingo). He has a dirty diaper.All of 10 months old, he and his brother, Kai have us all wrapped around their sweetest littlest fingers. I immediately forget my tea. Oh, my sweet boys need me more than I need tea. So, thereon I go about changing diapers * 2, feeding them their breakfast on their sitters, doing things that I never imagined I knew I could. Ofcourse, with all the help I can get now from my ever so kind parents, family and inlaws, without whom I wouldn’t even be writing this! The fact that Im still sane and smiling, I sure owe it to them, big-time 🙂

A little background: Mine was a “high risk” pregnancy, Kai & Kri are mono-di twins, which means they shared one placenta with just a thin membrane separating them.   As they say, be careful what you wish for, and someone up above sure decided to hear K (my husband dearest)’s wish and gave us undoubtedly the biggest shock of our lives when we found out I was pregnant, at our 8th week ultrasound scan, we were having MONODI twin boys!! K was over the moon, I wept!Blame it on or thank the genes, it was considered”ONE SHOT, DONE”:> Never had I ever imagined, I’d be part of the special,privileged lot of TWIN MOMS !Whats more miraculous is that not only were they not planned for, no treatments taken, no special measures taken to make them, but they are only 3 in 1000 pregnancies that happen!!

Being a mother is tough. Being one to multiples is beyond exhaustion, I cant even remember the last time Iv slept more than 4-5 hours at a stretch at night. The physical and mental stress combined is sheer craziness sometimes, often leading me to wonder and question WHY ME?!?!?

I look at them with such adulation, like any mother would. Kri now crawls & Kai creeps. Both trying to stand and achieve milestones at their own pace. Both fully mobile little humans. Emoting, expressing, babbling and developing their own personalities. Often teary eyed, I simply keep watching them. My maternal instincts one side, my terrible habit of googling just about everything and reading up a dozen blogs/books on parenting ,on the other, I realize like every new mother, I too have no clue how to play this parenting game. Especially * 2!!

However, I thoroughly enjoy this new role, taking pride in raising two little humans, accepting the new beginning…the new era that is to unfold:)

And finish off my tea….:)

Till next time..Love,